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New app, website reveal Mississippi county data

Writer: Ms. Keri Collins Lewis, MSU Extension Service

MISSISSIPPI STATE – A wealth of county-level information is available in seconds through a set of profiles created by experts with the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

A new app and website provide community stakeholders, business leaders and elected officials access to detailed socioeconomic statistics for each county in the state.

Faculty from the Extension Center for Technology Outreach and the Center for Government and Community Development gathered information from multiple public sources, such as the federal census. Then they compiled the data into user-friendly county profiles to show important statistics on population, income, educational attainment and employment.

“Dr. Gallardo’s community profiles are a great tool for local government officials, economic development organizations and community members for understanding their current, local socioeconomic situation,” said Sumner Davis, head of the Extension Center for Government and Community Development. “We hope the information will provide a better baseline for decision-makers as they look to strengthen their local economies.”

The free app, “MSUES MS Profiles,” can be downloaded from the app store. It is available only for iOS systems.

Source: New app, website reveal Mississippi county data

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