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Put technology into play during football season

Writer: Dr. Mariah Smith Morgan, MSU Extension Service

Football players across the state are ready to start the 2014 season as practices and scrimmages give way to game days, and faithful followers can get ready for all the action through a variety of websites and apps.

Several options are available to help fans follow high school football scores across the state. One website to consider is MaxPreps, which lets you search by division for game information. The Qwixcore option on that site allows you to upload the score in real time. Local television stations may be the best option for game scores. Many stations in Mississippi have smartphone apps that provide current scores. Additionally, sportscasters often provide live updates through social media.

Several apps are available to help with essential details ranging from fuel sources to get you to the game to tips for cleaning up after the event.

Following your favorite team on the road will require fuel. No matter where the road takes you, the GasBuddy app will help you find the nearest gas stations. For cleaning grass and other stains, try the MyStain app from Clorox. To feed a hungry crew after the game, try apps such as Yelp or Urban Spoon to find the places closest to you that are open after the fourth quarter.

Pinterest and other sites have ideas for yummy snacks and dishes to take as you hit the open road this fall. Food is critical to the success of any fan base, whether your team is winning or losing. Fans just can’t endure to the bitter end on empty stomachs. Apps such as Weber On the Grill provide recipes for meats, vegetables and desserts. The Omaha Steak Time App lets you set a timer for each person’s steak on the grill.

To coordinate everyone, tailgaters can opt for the OurTailgate app, which offers a free, but limited plan that can be upgraded for about $5. The website PerfectPotluck will accomplish the same feat by letting you create an itemized list that can then be emailed to the group. Participants can sign up for what they want to bring. You can also add a Google map web link to direct guests to the exact tent location. Tailgate Scout is another app that helps friends find you in the pregame tailgate crush.

The ESPN College Football app and the College Football Scoreboard app are good ways to monitor college team scores. Most universities have their own apps. When game day arrives, your best bet may be to follow the tweets from the university’s game day operations group. They usually have the latest information on parking, road closures and seating charts for the stadium.

This football season, technology can help you enjoy a good game and good food with friends and family.

Source: Put technology into play during football season

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