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Zoom Pro Account Request Form

A Zoom Pro Account License is free for those WITH an Extension appointment, but there is a yearly charge for those WITHOUT an Extension appointment. Your Pro Account License will be renewed yearly on the 1st of May, unless you cancel your Pro Account status with the Distance Education group from MSU Extension Center for Technology Outreach prior to May 1st.

In the event Zoom increases or decreases the price for a Pro License, the Distance Education group will inform you of the price change prior to your yearly renewal.

If you request a Pro Account License after May 1st, the first year will be pro-rated starting on the day you sign this form.

If you need to cancel your Zoom Pro Account, contact Bekah Sparks (

Request Information
If requesting a Pro Account on behalf of someone else, include the name and email address for the person the Zoom account needs to be set up in.
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